Rev up your hunger!

A new wave of mobile dining is hitting the streets of Seattle. Co-Creators, Seattle Chef Danielle Custer and catering extraordinaire Michelle Clair of Bon Appétit Management Company have rolled out a new array of mobile dining options. Mobile Mavens introduces uniquely branded pop-up retro campers and bike carts. The first of the campers, called the Biscuit Box, serves hungry guests flaky, buttery biscuits smothered in local flavor. Pop Up serves the best ice-cream pops, sandwiches and paletas from local ice-creamery partners like Full Tilt, Cupcake Royale, Vovito and Whidbey Island. Mobile Mavens now has three new additions to the Mobile Mavens lineup, including a mobile bar, a new twist on chicken-and-rice, soft frozen lemonade, hearty craveable sandwiches, and more! 

Want to book one or all of our mobile dining options for an event? Whether it’s a private function, intimate gathering, wedding, birthday party or corporate event, we can do it all!


Danielle Custer and Michelle Clair

Danielle Custer, Seattle chef and food-truck veteran Danielle Custer is a co-creator of the Mobile Mavens. Pulling heavily from her past experience and vast network of farmers and purveyors, Danielle uses local ingredients as her inspiration when creating each mobile menu, ensuring each bite is inspired, delicious and perfectly tailored to appeal to Seattleites.

Michelle Clair, Director of Catering & Events for Bon Appétit and co-creator of Mobile Mavens, is overseeing the catering and private event aspect of Mobile Mavens. The compact size of the campers and bikes allows them to easily visit locations not normally accessible by larger vehicles, making them available for hire at a wider range of events and parties than traditional food trucks. The mix and match options allow them to individually cater small events, or rally together to create a street food park of their very own.

Bon Appetit Management Company

Bon Appétit Management Company is an on-site restaurant company offering full food-service management to museums, specialty venues, corporations, and universities. Based in Palo Alto, CA, Bon Appétit has more than 500 cafés in 32 states, including Terzo Piano at the Art Institute of Chicago, Provenance at the Cleveland Museum of Art, TASTE Restaurant at the Seattle Art Museum and The Restaurant at the Getty Center. Its presence at museums and specialty venues is individually tailored to enhance guest experience as it often looks to exhibits and featured events for menu inspiration.

All Bon Appétit food is cooked from scratch, from stocks to sauces and soups. A pioneer in environmentally sound sourcing policies, Bon Appétit has developed programs addressing local purchasing, the overuse of antibiotics, sustainable seafood, the food and climate change connection, humanely raised meat and eggs, and farmworker welfare. It has received numerous awards for its work, from organizations including the International Association of Culinary Professionals, the James Beard Foundation, Chefs Collaborative, Natural Resources Defense Council, Seafood Choices Alliance, The Humane Society of the United States and Food Alliance.




“I really fell in love with the Seattle food truck scene while traveling the streets with Monte Cristo (Seattle’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese & Mobile Melts),” said Custer. “So when Michelle Clair and I came up with the idea of creating this ‘new’ take on mobile dining that could more easily access a wider range of locations and unique combinations, all with a crazy and fun twist, I knew it was time to switch gears and go for it.”