What’s on Tap?

It was love at first sight. All it took was a photo of an old tired looking VW van with a for sale sign in the window, on a street corner in Portland, Oregon. My love for this van was confirmed the first time I held her steering wheel in my hands and learned that her first days on the road was back in 1968 (the same year my partner maven and I made our debut into this world). Meet Lil’ Blu. We have landed on a mobile bar. This little beauty has been given a face lift, a shiny new engine and a new lease on life transformed into the coolest little mobile bar.

Or envision this. A little piece of history with many stories to tell pulls up to your home for your special event, and in a matter of minutes it is transformed into the coolest mobile bar. A craft bartender appears and as your guests arrive, they are taught the razzle dazzle that is “cocktail”. It can be a class, or sit back and watch as as the cool & hip new craft cocktails are created. Or envision this. It’s your child’s 15th birthday party. No, not a clown bus, but a magical flower power bus that can whip up icy lemonade and limitless other mocktails arrives. As your 15 year old counts down the days until they can drive you, get a photo of them behind the wheel of this dreamy drive. The true beauty of Lil’ Blu is that she is a magical bus filled with life and limitless opportunities, a true memory maker. Half pint, her side kick, is the perfect way for us to transport cold beverages to your event. Book this duo today and your party will be the talk of the town!



Soda Jerk | local soda

Timber City Ginger | ginger beer

Barnes & Watson Fine Tea | green tea

Stumptown Coffee Roasters | cold brew

SOM Shrubs

Copperworks Distillery



Lil’ Blu Menu (PDF)