Eat. Have Fun. Enjoy. Dance. Chill.

A tribute to the fondest childhood memories of chasing down the ice cream truck, POP UP will bring the child out in you. Our yummy local, artisanal ice cream, gelatos, sorbetos, ice cream sandwiches and popsicles will remind you of what it was like to eat or lick fast on a hot summer day so that melted sweetness doesn’t run down your arm! We give you fun summer tunes to help you ‘get away from it all’, even if it’s just for a moment.

So, because of all this, we created POP UP, your local ORANGE ice cream bicycle.“It’s been incredible to see people’s reactions to POP UP so far,” said Clair. “Turns out my bright orange bike with its incredible array of our carefully selected favorite local ice creams and popsicles is the perfect recipe to make people smile.”



Full Tilt Ice Cream | paletas

Whidbey Island Creamery | chocolate covered ice cream

Vovito | Gelatiamo + Gelato Pops + Sorbetto Cups

Cupcake Royale Ice Creamery | ice cream sandwiches





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